Brain Awareness Week 2024


Brain Awareness Week runs from 11 - 17 March
2024 and is the global campaign that increases public awareness about the wonders of the brain, the importance of brain health and the positive impact brain science has on our everyday lives.

Now in its 28th year, the campaign is the brainchild of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (DABI) and is coordinated by the Dana Foundation.

The brain plays a significant role in the overall health and well being of a person. Even though it is only about 2% of your body mass, it is in full in control of our body. Your brain is what makes you, you. It helps you think and remember, creates your personality and also determines if you are happy or sad. And, that’s in addition to controlling breathing, heart rate, our senses and other biological functions that are critical for survival.

So, what could be more important than taking care of your brain’s health?

There is so much about our brains that we don’t yet understand; however, there are many findings from brain research that we must continue to share with our communities, including messages of how to keep your brain healthy at any age.

Did you know… The brain is one of the most complex and fascinating organs in the human body. A piece of brain tissue the size of a grain of sand contains 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses. These systems support everything we do… but, when something goes wrong, these conditions can be very hard to treat. The good news is that promoting brain health can help prevent many of these conditions!

6 Essentials for Brain Health

During Brain Awareness Week and throughout the year, the goal is to keep your brain healthy by eating right, moving more, and stimulating your mind.

We want our amazing brain to thrive across our lifespan, so protecting it should remain top of mind, and you can do this with:

  1. regular physical exercise
  2. a healthy diet and sleep routine
  3. continual learning and exposure to new things
  4. maintaining social connections and a positive mindset
  5. wearing protective head gear, when required and avoiding activities that could lead to head injuries
  6. avoiding risky behaviours - excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and drug use.

Get involved in Brain Awareness Week!

We invite you to join us in raising awareness by participating in Brain Awareness Week in the following ways:

1. Free Information Sessions and Morning Tea:

Wednesday 13 March, 10-11.30am at Joondalup Library, and
Friday 15 March, 10-11.30am at Cockburn Health and Community Centre

Free Community Information Sessions

Neurological Council CEO, Etta Palumbo will host the sessions.

The topics at the Free Information Sessions will cover:

Optimising Brain Health – Top tips for living well longer
Many brain disorders can be prevented, treated and rehabilitated. Neurological Council’s CEO, Etta Palumbo, shares her insights on the public health challenges of preventing and managing neurological disorders and her top tips for improving brain health.

Brain Help – What to do when you don’t feel right?
Our Community Neurological Nurses will explore a range of conditions that result in physical, mental, cognitive and sensory impairments, including identifying and managing common neurological symptoms, and when and how to seek help.

Bookings are essential. Follow the links below to register for your free information session:

Wednesday 13 March, 10-11.30am at Joondalup Library, or
Friday 15 March, 10-11.30am at Cockburn Health and Community Centre

Morning tea is provided.

These sessions are available to all interested members of the community, including those working in the sector, students, patients, carers and loved ones.

P: 6285 3800
Online: Joondalup: or Cockburn:

2. Perth, Albany, Geraldton and Bunbury Landmarks Light-up!

Landmarks Light up for Brain Awareness Week

During Brain Awareness Week, we’ll see iconic landmarks in Perth, Albany, Geraldton and Bunbury shine bright in Pink and Blue, to raise awareness of the importance of brain health and brain research.

Look out for the following locations set to light-up on the dates listed below:


Council House | 13 March
Trafalgar Bridge over Claisebrook Cove | 13 March
Optus Stadium | 13 March
Matagarup Bridge | 13 March
Mount Street Bridge | 13 March
Northbridge Tunnel | 13 March
Joondalup Drive Bridge | 13 March
Sky Ribbon | 13 March
The Bell Tower | 13 - 14 March

City of Albany:
The Town Square | 11 - 14 March
Alison Hartman Gardens | 11 - 14 March

City of Bunbury:
Marlston Hill Lookout | 11 - 14 March
Koombana Bay Footbridge | 11 - 14 March
Koombana Bay Foreshore | 11 - 14 March
Marlston Waterfront | 11 - 14 March
Guppy Park | 11 - 14 March
The Navigators at the Koombana Drive Roundabout | 11 - 14 March
Richmond Reserve | 11 - 14 March
Arrol Crane at Jetty Road | 11 - 14 March

City of Geraldton:
Queens Park Theatre | 13 - 14 March

Please share any photos with us direct to or via social media using the hashtag #BrainAwarenessWeek or #BAW2024

3. Raise money or make a donation

Donate to the Neurological Council WA

Help raise money for the Neurological Council so we can continue to advocate for brain health and care for those in our community with neurological diseases and conditions. Participate in a fun run, host a morning tea or bake sale, or start a social media donation page!

Alternatively, you could make a direct donation to the Neurological Council WA via our GiveNow page:

5. Free Downloadable Resources


Access a range of mind-blowing free resources from leading international experts! Visit the Dana Foundation website for brain games, fact sheets, and more:

Other useful links:


At the Neurological Council WA our mission is to provide care and support for people affected by neurological conditions and assist in reducing the burden through brain health promotion, advocacy and education.

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