Transition to integrated neurological nursing

28 May 2020

NCWA Neurocare Meeting

We are delighted to announce that in the 2020 Year of the Nurse and Midwife, our Neurocare nurses will now be called Integrated Neurological Nurses. This role and title change takes effect on 1 June 2020.

A brief background to this change

At the Neurological Council of WA, our Neurocare nurses have always been known as Community Neurological Nurses. This title has reflected our community focus and whole of neurology approach to service.

Our ethos as an organisation has been to work together collaboratively to stay abreast of developments and to embrace a contemporary approach. Supporting and fostering our service development has been our:

  • Valued relationship with The Walton Centre in the United Kingdom. A centre known for further developing the concept of generic community nursing with Integrated Neurological Nurses.
  • Involvement in research projects in Western Australia. These projects have looked at how community neurological hospital in-reach models could be used to develop, enhance and evaluate effectiveness achieving positive outcomes. Our work in this area started with a very successful trial in collaboration with Bunbury Regional Hospital in 2012, and with subsequent research projects completed with St John of God Midland Hospital and more recently Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Our integrated nursing role

Given that our Neurocare service now plays a fully integrated role across the community and acute hospital settings, it felt appropriate to contemporise the title of our nurses to that of Integrated Neurological Nurse. Our team of nurses were very involved in the change process and fully endorsed the title change.

For more information about our Neurocare service, please click here.