Continuing care and support during COVID-19

23 April 2020

NCWA Neurocare Meeting

It has been a priority of the Neurological Council of WA and our Neurocare team to provide continued care and support to our clients, their carers and the neurological community during these difficult and uncertain times.

We are there for our clients and their carers, every step of the way.

Our reflections

Like many organisations in Australia and around the world, we have needed to quickly adapt and strengthen resources and ways of working in this ever-evolving situation that is COVID-19. We share with you our reflections of COVID-19.

Managing service delivery to provide ongoing care

Under challenging circumstances, we are proud that we have provided continued care and support to our clients and their carers – no one has missed out.

Our COVID-19 and Neurocare teams have been able to work together effectively and efficiently to manage ongoing service delivery in a rapidly changing environment.

Working together in true collaboration, we have been able to adapt our service delivery model to ensure continued service within the mandated Government and authority guidelines.

Expanding our use of Telehealth

As early adopters of Telehealth, we have been able to expand our use of this technology in a period of remote working and social distancing.

We have found Telehealth invaluable at a time when our clients and their carers may feel more vulnerable and isolated.

Telehealth has been incredible in terms of:

  • allowing us to keep in communication with one another;
  • delivering a caring, supportive service and providing reassurance; and
  • actioning needs that may arise from restrictions.

Developing the skills of our clinical team

This time has provided the opportunity to develop the capabilities of our community neurological nursing team to prepare them should they be needed to provide support in the acute setting.

We’re in this together

We have been overwhelmed and grateful for the support we have received from the community.

There are many people and organisations we would like to acknowledge, including:

  • our Board and staff;
  • our clients and their carers;
  • members of the Centre for Neurological Support;
  • the WA Department of Health;
  • the WA Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer; and
  • the Australian College of Nurses.

Let’s keep helping each other to get through this time!