It's 2020 Year of the Nurse & Midwife!

26 February 2020

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The World Health Organisation has declared 2020 the International Year of the Nurse & Midwife.

The celebration recognises the vital role nurses and midwives play in the delivery of global health services. It also marks the bicentenary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

The Neurological Council of WA pays tribute to the incredible contribution of nursing and midwifery colleagues around the world.

Kathy McCoy, Executive Director at The Neurological Council of WA:

"As a team of neurological nurses, we are proud to acknowledge the contribution of our nurse colleagues across the globe.

Neurological nursing plays a key and vital role in supporting the community - bridging acute, primary, aged, children's, rare diseases, chronic disease, palliation and mental health care delivery.

Neurological nursing is important and 2020 what a great year to recognise the contribution of nurses!"

Sharing our stories

In celebration of this occasion, we will share stories about our integrated neurological nursing and administrative teams throughout the year. Keep an eye out on our website!

Chloe Iemma NCWA

Meet Chloe Iemma

Chloe joined the Neurological Council of WA (NCWA) in 2018. Her role is Administration Lead and Executive Assistant, supporting the Executive Director Kathy McCoy and Neurocare team. Chloe is usually the first person you see when you enter reception at the Centre for Neurological Support. Read Chloe’s story.

Renae Heine Integrated Neurological Nurse NCWA Neurocare

Meet Renae Heine

Having worked in the acute hospital setting (including a stint in Darwin), Renae has seen people go in and out of hospital, particularly with neurological conditions. This experience inspired Renae to become a nurse in the community setting because of the beneficial impact the profession can have on a person’s life and its role in helping avoid unwanted hospital admissions. Read Renae's story.

Liz Parker Neurocare nurse Albany

Meet Elizabeth (Liz) Parker

When Liz first became a nurse, she didn’t really enjoy the profession, but she grew to love it as she gained confidence. Liz is now an integrated neurological nurse in our Albany team. Although it can be a sad time, Liz feels it is an honour to care for a client and their family as they navigate the disease affecting their life. Read Liz’s story.

Photo: Liz on the left with nurse Stephanie Emmett.

Wendy Mc Donald NCWA Neurocare

Meet Wendy McDonald

Wendy joined our Neurocare team in 2012. She has worked in three of our regional areas and now works in Bunbury. This regional experience has provided Wendy with the opportunity to work with teams with a wealth of experience. Read Wendy's story.

Dianne Hull Neurocare NCWA

Meet Dianne Hull

Ready for a change, the ethos of the Neurological Council of WA attracted Dianne to apply for the role of community neurological nurse (now known as integrated neurological nurse). Joining our Neurocare team in 2018, Dianne supports our Perth metro and Wheatbelt clients. Read Dianne’s story.

Kerry Alfieri Neurological Council of WA

Meet Kerry Alfieri

Kerry is the service coordinator for our Neurocare team in Geraldton. If you call the Geraldton office, the first person you will usually speak to is Kerry. Her job is to ensure the smooth running of the office, enabling our nurses to get on with supporting clients. Read Kerry's story.

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Meet Stephanie Emmett

Stephanie joined our Neurocare team in 2016 and is based in Albany. Stephanie values the relationships she has made with her colleagues since joining the team. Her experience is one of great team camaraderie through the sharing of knowledge, perspectives and experiences. Read Stephanie's story.

Kiera Perrin NCWA

Meet Kiera Perrin

Kiera joined our Neurocare team last year after completing her nursing degree. Having learned so much as a graduate nurse in the community setting, Kiera encourages nursing students and graduates to explore all the exciting, challenging and diverse career pathways. Read Kiera's story.

Eileen Murray Neurological Council of WA

Meet Eileen Murray

Eileen joined our Bunbury team as a community neurological nurse in January 2014. Since joining our Neurocare team, Eileen has found great support among her colleagues. She also feels incredibly humbled and privileged to be able to help clients and carers in their journeys. Read Eileen's story.

Claire Stoddard Neurocare Navigator

Meet Claire Stoddard

Claire joined the Neurological Council of WA in 2016 after moving to Perth from Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Initially starting out as a receptionist, Claire was given the opportunity to widen her scope, moving into healthcare administration supporting the Neurocare team. In 2019, she was appointed to the role of Neurocare Navigator. Read Claire's story.