NCWA raises stroke awareness in WA

10 September 2020

NCWA National Stroke Week September 2020

Last week, in conjunction with National Stroke Week, we hosted support group meetings in Bunbury, Geraldton, Northam and Perth.

Our Bunbury attendees heard from Renee, a Stroke Coordinator based at Busselton Hospital who spoke on stroke prevention risk factors and management. Tammy from Laughter Yoga also joined the group for the session.

In Geraldton, Megan, the Acting Stroke Coordinator from Geraldton Regional Hospital, gave a presentation on ‘understanding stroke.’

Tina, a Stroke Foundation volunteer, also spoke to our Perth group on stroke awareness, and in Northam, our nurses conducted stroke risk assessments.

Aboriginal Brain Injury Coordinators, Rebecca and Renee, who are part of the Healing Right Way study, and based at the Neurological Council of WA, actively shared the F.A.S.T. message and encouraged others to become F.A.S.T. heroes too.

Thank you to our clients, carers and guest speakers for joining our groups, and the neurological community, in support of National Stroke Week.

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Our stroke management nursing support

At the NCWA, our Neurocare nurses provide stroke management support to clients and their carers.

Our nurses conduct clinical assessments, including:

  • Physical, neurological, psychosocial and cognitive functioning;
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing;
  • Symptom management and blood pressure checks;
  • Medical, dietary and weight management;
  • Continence and falls risk;
  • Fatigue monitoring and sleep management; and
  • Smoking cessation.

Additionally, we also:

  • Prepare clients and their families to navigate the healthcare system and social care services, linking them with appropriate supports and specialist support systems;
  • Provide client education about their condition, its progression, care options and self-management symptoms;
  • Contribute to multidisciplinary care, remaining in close communication with treating physicians and team members about health status, condition changes and care issues; and
  • Utilise Telehealth to collaborate with stakeholders.
For information about our Neurocare service, or stroke management support, contact us.

More on National Stroke Week

National Stroke Week, organised by the Stroke Foundation, celebrates everyday Australians who know and can recognise the signs of stroke (our F.A.S.T. Hereos!).

Across Australia, F.A.S.T. Heroes can save lives, by knowing and recognising the F.A.S.T. (Face, Arms, Speech, Time) signs of stroke and calling an ambulance immediately. They also know that stroke is always a medical emergency, and it time-critical.

Learn the signs of stroke here.