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The Neurological Council of WA works and partners with neurological groups to support people with neurological symptoms or conditions.

We take referrals from general practitioners, health professionals, community service workers, regional assessment agencies and/or families and friends of potential clients. Self-referrals are also welcome.

To make a referral, please complete the online form below. Alternatively, please click here to download a pdf copy of the referral form.

Our services

We provide a service delivery model known as Neurocare.

Neurocare is a contemporary model of care, providing competent, skilled neurological nurses. They work with people with all neurological symptoms or conditions, ensuring no one is left out.

Our services are tailored to individual circumstances. We are committed to encouraging positive wellbeing and empowering people to live independently in their communities.

Our locations

The Neurological Council of WA offices are located in the Perth Metro, South West, Great Southern, and Mid West regions.

For Wheatbelt residents requiring information on our services, please contact our Metro office.

Our members

The Neurological Council of WA has a key role in connecting, partnering and collaborating with other neurological groups.

We act as the lead tenant at the Centre for Neurological Support. The Centre functions as a central and recognised hub of community neurological collaboration and support.

The following organisations are located at the Centre for Neurological Support. Learn more.

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