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Our Members

The Neurological Council of WA is an umbrella organisation to several neurological, condition-specific and associated organisations who share its vision of working together for awareness, coordinated and improved services for people with neurological conditions.

Since its inception in 1992, the Council has served as a focal point for the shared goals and relationships of member groups.

CNS 1 amended_thumbThe Council obtained a grant from Lotterywest to build the Centre for Neurological Support, a purpose-built, multi-functional centre, to progress the aspirations and interests of the neurological community. Since 2001, The Council has resided here with several of its member groups.

Over the years, the Council has also pursued a service arm which, as well as providing practical assistance to the neurological community, has added value and assistance to the services of its member groups.

A Council of Members, composed of representatives of member organisations, provides an advisory role to the Neurological Council of WA on strategic and policy advice and opportunities for collaborative effort.