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The Niche

The Niche

The Niche is a Lotteries House located on land provided by the QEII Medical Centre Trust. The Neurological Council of WA and twelve of its member organisations reside here in The Centre for Neurological Support (CNS) wing along with the Independent Living Centre and the Cystic Fibrosis Association of Western Australia. The Niche was designed by Hames Sharley architects.

The Centre for Neurological Support

The Centre for Neurological Support (CNS) is a wing of The Niche occupied since 2002 by the Neurological Council of WA and some of its members. Currently 12 members have their offices here. The Neurological Council of WA is the landlord of the Centre for Neurological Support.

As well as the individual offices of member groups, CNS comprises meeting and activity rooms, reprographics rooms and staff and visitor facilities over both floors. The Niche houses the following member groups

Ground Floor 
Australian Association of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy
Learning & Attentional Disorders Society of WA Inc
ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society of WA Inc
Neurological Council of Western Australia
National Stroke Foundation
Neurofibromatosis Association of WA Inc
Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia
Meningitis Centre Australia Inc

First Floor 
Huntington’s WA
Epilepsy Association of Western Australia
Headache and Migraine Western Australian Inc
Motor Neurone Disease Association Of WA Inc
Parkinson’s Western Australia Inc