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Carers and Family

Carers and Family

caring for someone with a neurological condition

Carers provide care and support for family members, partners, friends and children who have a disability or chronic condition and need support to live at home. Carers range in age from young adolescents to people of mature age. The care they provide is unpaid. In some cases, they may receive supplementary payments from the Government.

Caring for someone with a debilitating illness often means that the carer has to give up their own employment and alter their lifestyle. In addition, the person with the condition is often unable to work and has additional needs. All of this can have a life changing impact on the family’s situation.

The Carers Recognition Act 2004, includes the Carers Charter which provides direction on how carers are to be treated and involved in the planning and delivery of services. Click here to view a copy of the Carers Charter.

For further information, please contact the Neurological Council of WA. You may also want to refer to our Links and Resources area for information about carer related groups.