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Onset and Diagnosis

Onset and Diagnosis

diagnosing a neurological condition wa

You can experience the onset of a neurological condition at any time in your life. Some neurological conditions are diagnosed and treated by your GP. For others, your GP may wish to refer you to a specialist for diagnosis. Your GP may also continue to be involved in the ongoing management of your condition.

Waiting for a  neurological diagnosis can be a very uncertain time. You may have just recently been referred to a specialist, you may be waiting for test results; or you may be starting the diagnosis process again after an inconclusive period of testing. As well as wishing the process was faster and more conclusive, you may also be worried about other aspects, including financial and emotional considerations.

These are just some of the concerns you may have while awaiting diagnosis. They will vary depending on your personal situation.  Many people will see a specialist within a couple of months. If you have been waiting for a long time for a diagnosis this should not delay you in accessing services you need.

The Neurological Council of WA can provide you information and advice and may be able to assist with other services during the diagnostic phase. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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You may also want to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions area to assist you during this time.