Celebrating Epilepsy WA's Diamond Jubilee!

9 January 2023


This year, Epilepsy WA is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee - 60 years of helping the WA community.

The Nedlands-based charity offers epilepsy information and support for the 1 in 25 diagnosed with epilepsy plus affected families and carers. They work to reduce risk of injury and harm from this chronic neurological disorder and to raise vital epilepsy awareness.

Epilepsy WA will hold a month of purple-themed epilepsy awareness events during Purple Month in March, including its big annual community walk.

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The Purple Walk 4 Epilepsy WA is the charity’s flagship event, held on Sunday March 26 from 10.30am until 1.30pm at Curtin University’s Edinburgh Oval South and this year it will take on a special diamond jubilee theme.

Everyone is invited to join in the purple fun for epilepsy awareness and register at: www.purplewalk4epilepsywa.com.au. There will also be an evening of Purple Lights 4 Epilepsy WA across the state during Make March Purple Month, where city and town landmarks light up in purple for epilepsy awareness.

Useful epilepsy management information, risk reduction strategies and care plan downloads can all be found on the Epilepsy WA website at: www.epilepsywa.asn.au.

There are also specialist epilepsy speakers’ talks from the annual WA Conference which featured top neurologists, epileptologists and a neurosurgeon to watch online www.epilepsywa.asn.au/online-seminars

Epilepsy WA also offers online epilepsy management training courses to up-skill beyond seizure first aid, and face-to-face and via Zoom training in Understanding and Managing Epilepsy, and in Administration of Emergency Medication with an epilepsy nurse. Contact WA’s Epilepsy Smart Manager on 1300 660 880.

In addition to these services, Epilepsy WA offers monthly support groups, access to seizure-alert devices, a children’s book loan library, a bed sensor mat loan service, and a NightWatch loan service. Check out the charity’s Facebook page and online shop for purple merchandise, and their Instagram account.

Epilepsy WA’s services can be viewed here: www.epilepsywa.asn.au/services