Parkinson’s WA welcomes their new CEO

8 March 2023 in News

Yasmin and Brenda

Adjunct Professor Yasmin Naglazas joins Parkinson’s WA as the incoming CEO following the departure of Brenda Matthews after a 20-year tenure. Yasmin said that although she was new to the role and hadn’t been with the organisation for long, it was refreshing to see the culture of the organisation very much aligned with the values and mission.

“It’s very compelling to work in an organisation that reflects and espouses those values and to see them in action,” she said.

“I am attracted to the profit-for-purpose sector and making a difference and I think that's probably one of the reasons that I was keen to bring my corporate and business skills to this role. I see the potential for growth in an organisation which is small but strong and set on a solid foundation.”

“We are very privileged to have employees that are dedicated to their work and are producing some wonderful outcomes that contribute to the organisation’s work and its future plans.”

Yasmin brings her many years of experience in contract management, clinical governance, strategic planning and business modelling to the appointment. Her experience with the profit-for-purpose sector and roles on boards as well as her research experience provides a solid base from which to extend the mission of Parkinson’s WA, servicing the growing demand of those living with Parkinson’s in Western Australia.

“Research remains one of the areas of interest and applications of funds by Parkinson’s WA. During March/April 2023, the intention is to establish more of a focus on where Parkinson’s Australia’s research dollar is spent, as well as strengthening the collaboration with our research partners,” she said.

“Research tends to be in the background of our daily activities; however, Parkinson’s WA actively encourages and supports research into the causes, treatments, and consequences of Parkinson’s and this requires the appropriate resourcing and attention.”

Yasmin said she was looking forward to working with the Board of Management and the strong minds and voices who brought their skills and expertise to govern at a compliance and operational level for Parkinson’s WA.

Drawing from previous roles with Bethesda Health Care, Juniper, Brightwater Care Group and Bethanie, Yasmin said she is eager to embrace a role that can have an impact on the ground whilst increasing financial sustainability longer-term.

“We understand that the health dollar is scarce, and we want to do so much more to ensure that the government and other funding bodies get good value for money, keep people out of hospital so they can live better, and to ensure better quality healthcare for people living with Parkinson’s,” she said.

“As I become more familiar with the role of CEO at Parkinson’s WA and meet more of the stakeholders and community who have an affiliation with us, I am sure that I can contribute positively to our future strategy.”

Article thanks to Parkinson's WA.
Photography credit: Jacqui O'Leary
(Pictured L-R: Brenda Matthews & Yasmin Naglazas)